Please enjoy the following letters which are examples of the level of satisfaction customers experience with Salt-Away. We truly appreciate the expressions the authors shared with us, their descriptions of their applications, and most of all, their decision to write to us and the time spent composing and delivering their expressions. We are interested in, and welcome comments and letters from all our customers. 

“re-sprayed the pontoons and grabbed a tire cleaning brush and a hose and in less than an hour my pontoons were clean and smooth.”

“I don’t usually “rave” about products that I use, …”

“I’ve used various products over the years to inhibit corrosion on my boats and have found Salt-Away to be the best.”

“What a product! I have since used Salt-Away several times with the same results.”

“This engine is 6 years old and has 800 hours on it…This is the first time I have removed the riser elbows and was shocked at how clean they are …”

“… it is refreshing to find a Company that provides such excellent service in such a timely manner …”

“… stuff works so well the mechanic at the local Whaler dealer is convinced I run my boat in fresh water.”

“… so impressed by your wonderful co-operation in sending him … replacement ring for his boat …”

“With a lot of hope and in desperation I tried Salt-Away and to my amazement and relief it really worked.”

“It’s such a pleasure to find a product that not only meets, but exceeds it’s claims.”

“I want to also commend you on having a fantastic product that does everything that your brochure claims it does and more!”

“It is rare when one finds a product that lives up to its claims.”

“Salt-Away is the best product to have in your dive bag.”

“…since the first applications I have never scrubbed salt or rust.”

“For years I have been looking for a product like Salt-Away.”

“We have tried this product and now use it on all our winterizes and motor flushings.”

“We performed two treatments using the flush kit, and most of the build-up was gone”

“After the past 18 months, there are no signs of salt corrosion or buildup in the engine or outdrive”

“The cooling system looks like new.”

“…I use your motor flush on a regular basis and really think it works great…”