Note: Manufacturers of outboard motors designed with flush ports engineered some of these models differently.

The important question to ask your manufacturer is whether or not your model was engineered to flush the lower unit to include the impeller and the water pump, or only the upper part of the engine around the heads.

Since Salt-Away removes salt from all parts of the engine, it is very important to include the removal of salt from the impeller and water pump.

If your engine’s flushing path does not include the lower unit, we recommend that you flush your engine the old fashioned way – Salt-Away solution running through the flushing muffs covering the water intakes located on the lower unit, with your engine running. Please see Instructions – Using Flushing Muffs.

Important: Your engine must not be running when flushing your engine through the flush port.

Instructions – Using Flush Port Fitting
  1. Remove 6-ounce reservoir of Mixing Unit and fill with Salt-Away. Be careful not to lose O-ring.
  2. Replace reservoir. Always make sure the O-ring is seated on the groove on top of the reservoir before replacing.
  3. Connect garden hose to back of Salt-Away Mixing Unit. Mixing Unit is in ‘off’ position.
  4. Connect front end of Mixing Unit to a quick-connect device, or a short piece of hose. Attach the quick-connect device or hose to the port connection. (Some port openings are recessed too deeply to accept the Mixing Unit directly.)
  5. Turn on water. Mixing Unit has been tested to withstand water pressure up to 60 psi. Higher pressure may cause the unit to malfunction.
  6. Turn Salt-Away Mixing Unit to ‘Salt-Away’ (ON) position. This position mixes Salt-Away and water to the correct ratio for removing salt. Water pressure from the hose easily flushes this mixture through the engine.
  1. Watch for the Salt-Away foaming action to exit the exhaust.
  2. Turn Mixing Unit valve to the ‘off’ position after Salt-Away foaming action has appeared, about 20-30 seconds, while Salt-Away is still present throughout the cooling system. It is ok to flush for up to 1 minute. Flushing for more than 1 minute is unnecessary, and the product is being wasted.
  3. Remove equipment from the flushing port and close port.
  4.  Do not rinse Salt-Away out of engine with fresh water. Leave inside so that its corrosion inhibitors can protect the metal from rusting and corroding, and so that the salt removing agent can begin to break apart salt accumulation. See instructions for removing salt accumulation.

Recommended product for first-time user: SALT-AWAY KIT