For removing salt, salt accumulation and rust from your engine’s salt water cooling system.

(Salt-Away Mixing Unit Required)

*Flush engine according to engine manufacturer’s instructions.

Click here for instructions for engines equipped with FLUSH PORTS.

Click here for instructions for LOWER UNIT IMMERSION flushing.

Instructions – Using Flushing Muffs
  1. Remove 6 fl oz (177 ml) reservoir of Mixing Unit and fill with Salt-Away. Be careful not to lose O-ring.
  2. Replace reservoir. Always make sure the O-ring is seated on the groove on top of the reservoir before replacing.
  3. Connect garden hose to Salt-Away Mixing Unit. Mixing Unit is in ‘off’ position.
  4. Connect other end onto flushing muff or other flushing device.
  5. Turn on water. (Mixing Unit has been tested to withstand water pressure up to 60 psi (413 kPa). Higher pressure may cause the unit to malfunction.)
  6. Turn Salt-Away Mixing Unit to ‘rinse’ position to begin water flowing through the water jackets. Start engine.
  7. Turn Salt-Away Mixing Unit valve to ‘Salt-Away’ position. Some engines are required to warm up first to open water jackets. If your engine has this requirement, wait until the thermostat opens the water jackets, then turn valve to the ‘Salt-Away’ position. This position mixes Salt-Away and water to the correct ratio of Salt-Away to water for easily removing salt.
  1. Run engine with Salt-Away flushing through the cooling system. Watch for the Salt-Away foaming action to exit the exhaust.
  2. Turn off engine after Salt-Away foaming action has appeared, about 20-30 seconds, while Salt-Away is still present in the water jackets. It is ok to flush for up to 1 minute. Flushing for more than 1 minute is unnecessary, and the product is being wasted.
  3. Turn Salt-Away Mixing Unit valve to the ‘off’ position and remove Mixing Unit from the flushing muffs or other flushing device.
  4. Do not rinse Salt-Away out of engine with fresh water. Leave inside so that its corrosion inhibitors can protect the metal from rusting and corroding, and so that the salt removing agent can begin to break apart salt accumulation. See instructions for removing salt accumulation.
  5. Use the remainder of Salt-Away in the 6 fl oz (177 ml) reservoir to remove salt from your boat and other equipment. See step-by-step instructions for exterior salt removal.Recommended product for first-time user: SALT-AWAY KIT

These head gaskets came out of the same outboard motor. Before he knew about Salt-Away, Greg Moss, the owner and mechanic of Moss Marine, Channelview, TX, had always flushed his motors with fresh water after every use in salt water. The gasket on the left, flushed with fresh water for a year, was removed during the motor’s annual overhaul. Greg replaced the gasket with the one on the right and began flushing every time with Salt-Away. It was used in the motor for one year and was removed at the next annual overhaul.